AI used to reveal information hidden by FBI following decades-long programme of spying on US Muslims

A journalist determined to shed light on an FBI operation that saw US Muslim families spied on for two decades is using artificial intelligence to fill in the blanks in a heavily redacted trove of 33,000 documents she forced the bureau to release. Algerian-American filmmaker Assia Boundaoui ​had been investigating the bureau's covert surveillance of her Illinois Arab community for two decades before 911.

Lauri Love loses appeal to reclaim computer equipment

Alleged cyber-hacker Lauri Love has lost an appeal to reclaim his computers from the National Crime Agency (NCA). A district judge at Westminster Magistrates Court ruled on Tuesday it was not in the public interest for the computer scientist to have his equipment returned. Mr Love, who represented himself, used the Police Property Act 1897 to launch legal action against the NCA to reclaim his computers. In a court document cleared for reporting, Judge Coleman said: "Although the hardware is t

Breaking Barriers - Bosco Sodi's Trump Wall - YouTube

Mexican artist Bosco Sodi's 'Muro' was symbolic not just of 'Trump's Wall'. The exhibition, which took place at the National Gallery on the same day as Gay Pride in London, was also a representation of other socio-political barriers, including Brexit and gender bias. Each brick, made of Mexican materials, was used to build the wall, which was then dismantled by members of the public, symbolising the power of people to break down divisions and bring communities together.

Six months after the Grenfell Tower fire, Labour's Emma Dent Coad speaks out [EXCLUSIVE]

It’s been six months since a fire ripped through social housing block Grenfell Tower. Located in the West London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, there is still little resolved for survivors of the tragic event or residents in the area. Emma Dent Coad was four days into her new role as a local Labour MP when she learned of the fire on 14 June. She talks to The Canary six months on from that day: Recalling the events of that morning, Dent Coad told The Canary: At the time, looking at the fir

The Canary speaks to Labour rally crowds elated at prospects of a future Labour government [VIDEO]

The Canary joined a crowd of over 2000 people at a post-budget rally with Jeremy Corbyn. Rapturous applause, whistles and chants of “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” filled the Bethel Convention Centre in West Bromwich as the Labour leader stepped onto the stage. We captured the response of those who travelled the length and breadth of the West Midlands and beyond to be there as they left, high on the prospects of a future Labour government: The place was packed to the rafters with teachers, activists, blue

Grenfell neighbours have told their council's new re-housing proposals are a 'failure' [VIDEO]

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) is drafting a rehousing policy; and it threatens [log-in required] to take away the rights of people with flats next to Grenfell Tower. 161 households from the Lancaster West Estate – also known as ‘the Walkways’ – have been staying in hotels since the disaster struck five months ago on 14 June. This includes some residents from Barandon Walk, Hurstway Walk and Testerton Walk. The policy says that they will no longer be ‘priority’ cases for re

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